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 El Matador (2004)

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PostSubject: El Matador (2004)   Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:19 pm

ladies and gentlemen, I present you:
damn, man, this 4 years old game has the graphics at the level of GTA IV previews and predictions, or even better than that
there's so much realism in some scenes, even in the middle of a shootout realism level surpasses timeshift, battlefield, medal of honor, call of duty or whatever else
only crysis could compare, and the physics of the environment is awesome
for example there were some carpets hanging from a bar and when I went through them they moved just like it would have been cloth. and the concrete structure poles in an underground parking lot were shattering all the way to the metal skeleton
oh yeah, so they stole Max Payne bullet time but who the hell cares? Max Payne was too short and boring while this game has 3 times the number of weapons Max Payne had. This game was seriously underrated because of the bullet time theft idea... just check some of my screenshots

godamit! I just found my favourite terrorist (well, actually drug dealer) ass-kicking game
I think MGS4 would only equal to the action this game offers
great game! I only wish it's ripable Very Happy
lol! look what I found:

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El Matador (2004)
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