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 Resident Evil Outbreak "Hope 4 A Port"

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PostSubject: Resident Evil Outbreak "Hope 4 A Port"   Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:36 pm

Hello guys. A good handful of Resident Evil Outbreak fans have banded together and are starting a movement to get a port/sequel to the PS3/Xbox 360. For those who do not know what Resident Evil Outbreak is ill explain briefly. Basically it was the first Resident Evil game to support full co-op game play and featured eight citizens from Raccoon City. You the player, and three others, got to witness the Resident Evil story, through the eyes of normal citizens. The game was way before its time and was technically a failure. However the game was plagued by poor and unfair reviews, no marketing, and the online world wasn't as popular as it is today. And, if you have never played Resident Evil Outbreak before and your still a Resident Evil fan then I'm 80% sure most you guys would be interested in this really fun survival horror game and support it!

So far we have gathered a good amount of followers (500+) and are getting attention from Capcom employees. It has been 11 months and we have more than 10000+ posts and over 1.2 millions views discussing this amazing game in a single thread (Got it sticky as well)!!! Still, we need more supporters of this game to show Capcom their still is a serious fan base for this game. If those who are curious about Resident Evil Outbreak, search on youtube for videos, games sites for information, or you can even google it. All die hard Resident Evil Fans should join this thread and this movement we are trying to get going.Thank you and hope some of you check us out.

Check out the support Resident Evil Outbreak website below if you consider supporting the cause:

Resident Evil Outbreak Support Website!

If you still don't know how to support check out this video, it maybe simple but it was made by one of the supporter:

Resident Evil Discussion

Lend us a hand will ya? Together we will succeed! :cc:

*Note, if you got something mean or bad to say about this game, please keep it to yourself. I'm trying what it's best for one of my favorite game to be revive.*

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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil Outbreak "Hope 4 A Port"   Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:44 pm

Well im gonna tell you facts.Capcom is not going to make a new Outbreak game.The've said at the RE5 show at E3 last year when someone asked about a new outbreak game, and they said they have no plans.Since file 2 got poor ratings Capcom doesn't think Outbreak is worthy for another sequal.

Look at Resident Evil 1.5(RE2 Beta) for example,Resident Evil 1.5 was a very early build of Resident Evil 2 which feature Leon and a Girl named Elza who later became Claire.The Police Station in 1.5 actually looked like a police station instead of a huge mansion style museum type place.There were mutated gorrila's that were later replaced with the lickers.The chimera's from RE1 were taken out.Cheif Irons was a good guy.S.T.A.R.S. brang evidence from the mansion so they can have Umbrella investigated and shutdown.Yes Umbrella was gonna have an early ending.Marvin was gonna be leons partner in the game as well as Ada which was known as Linda at the time.Robert Kendo was gonna be Elza's partner in her scenerio.1.5 was actually longer then the RE2 that we got.Capcom made the zombies in 1.5 nearly impossible to kill.The only way to kill them is to blow their head off.which makes sense because zombies are already dead.

1.5 today has a huge fanbase just like your Outbreak fanbase,but like I said Capcom see's 1.5 as not worthy to play even though RE fans email them begging to have a copy.Capcom see's the same way with outbreak.

To make it more clearer,Capcom doesn't listen to their fans,because if they did,they would have released another outbreak sequal years ago.and also they would have made remakes of RE2 and RE3 aswell which fans are requesting as we speak.
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Resident Evil Outbreak "Hope 4 A Port"
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