Resident Evil: Outbreak File # 3

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 Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.

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PostSubject: Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.   Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:58 pm

I have a very good Idea, That I think Capcom Should Take into consideration. Resident evil outbreak file 3 should be realesed onto the Psp. (Playstation Portable) Resident Outbreak File 3 Should Contain more LARGER Senarios in which Four remaining Survivours, Online Or Offline Must work through the Complicated Senario in Order to escape the City. I know Resident Evil outBreak and Resident Evil Outbreak Didnt Sell Pretty Well, but On PSP it could become a Totally Different Story. For excample, Take a Look at the Monster Hunter Franchise, You brought that onto the Psp Shortly after the Playstation Two Installment and the Game Sold Over Nine Million. People around the globe are Egar For Resident outbreak File 3 And I think Bringing it out on Psp Could be a Really sucsessful Step for Capcom. Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 have Taken away the Originallity of Resident Evil and Turned it into a Typical First person Thriller thats only About killling things, Resident Evil Outbreaks Are Original, They are what the Resident evil Community Fell in love with in the First place. I have some Idea's For Resident Evil File 3. That, in my opinion sound Quite Promising.
The resident evil Outbreak File 3 Control System Could be very simular Too the Control types on Resident evil outbreak And Resident evil Outbreak File 2. The Psp Button system is The same as the Psp Button system. ThereFore, the Game should be Really easy To use and get used to on the Psp Rather then X-box 360 or PS3. Here is one of the control systems I thought Of.

X- Action. Use Items. Pick Up items. Ect.
/\. (Triangle) - Exit.
R - Aim weapon
R & X - Aim and shoot
R & L & Anolog stick - Aim and walk.
Analog-stick - Walk.
O & Anolog stick - Run
O & R - Reload.
Start - Pause the Game (Offline)
Select - Enter Status/Items/Files.

This Control system is So prosmising, And I think It would be used effectively. Please take this into Consideration Capcom. I think It would do extremely well.
Another Issue, Since Resident evil has Progressed, they've basically Scrapped the T-virus and Brught in some-thing called the las-plagas.? I think moving back to the Originallity of the Game would be A Good thing. Including in Resident Evil Outbreak File 3 more Terrifying Horrific Monsters And Hopefully the Original Creatures, Zombies!. To make the Game, More intense, these typical Zombies could have mutated from the original Cause some of them Too Run, To make the Game contain a Few shockers for the Resident Evil Commuinity. (To make the Game easier for Rookies, Only some zombies Run on the Hard or Very Hard Mode). More Weapons Wouldnt go a miss Too, Yes, Have some of the Originals Like, The hand-gun, Pumpaction shotgun, SubMachine Gun and the Desert Egal. But How about other weapons? Like. A semi automatic machine gun and Things Like That, For melee weapons, Maybe Grabbing a wooden chair and hitting Zombies With it. Then when the weapon shatters it turns into three sticks (Weapons in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2), which you can also Use.. New weapons and objects Too use against you're enemys Would be a maJor improvement and Shock For the Resident Evil Commuinity.

I've been looking Through the web and I've Noticed alot of people Moaning about how Short and Blunt the previous Levels have been Offline and Online. For MEGA improvements in Resident evil outbreak File 3, I advise If Capcom Created Larger Senarios with multiple ways to complete and Advance into the Level. And More Creative ways To proceed Online. Online playable senarios Should have Limmited Weapons and healing items Depending on what Lvel difficulty you're Trying To Complete on, Causing suspence and Frantic Searching for some-thing To help you and your friends survive. I think. Senarios would be better. Free Roam would be Cool, But then, whats the Point to the Game? I think It wouldnt Go with the Outbreak 'Scene'. Larger Senarios Would be Cool. For more Shocks You could include Marvin in one of the Senarios as a Zombie or Survivour depending on you're actions Seeing as in Resident evil outbreak file 2 Marvin survives the RPD siege and escapes through a Police Door.

Resdient Evil Outbreak File 3 would be perfect For Psp. CAPCOM. Please Take that into consideration.
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PostSubject: Re: Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.   Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:10 am

Sounds like a good idea.I will force me to buy a psp.
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PostSubject: Re: Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.   Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:17 am

any release here?
I don't think so... gonna move this Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.   

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Resident evil outbreak File 3 for PSP.
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